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New York: Man Charged to Retrieve His Stolen Car
A disabled veteran must pay for the release of his own vehicle in Newburgh, New York.

Jeep CherokeePolice told a Newburgh, New York motorist that he had to pay $225 to reclaim his stolen SUV after it had been found. Willard Winfield, 75, had left his keys inside his 1990 Jeep Cherokee while stopped at a gas station on November 13. After returning from paying for gas, his car was gone.

Four days later, Winfield contacted police and learned that his vehicle had been recovered the day after he filed his stolen vehicle report. Because he was not informed in a timely manner, the fees mounted.

"It was forty dollars a day, every day, they had to store it," Winfield explained to the Times Herald-Record newspaper.

Winfield, a disabled Korean War veteran, could not afford the high fee. The towing company decided to lower the fee to $135 for the return of his car.

Source: Impound fees add up for mans stolen Jeep (Times Herald-Record (NY), 11/25/2006)

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