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DC Collects $99 Million in Parking Tickets
The District of Columbia collected $99 million in parking ticket revenue last year.

DC Meter MaidThe District of Columbia issued 1.6 million parking tickets to collect $99 million in parking ticket revenue last year "at the request of District residents" according to DC officials. The city reached this goal by tripling the number of meter maids.

Much larger cities on the east coast collect less revenue. Boston generated $65 million, and Baltimore $15 million. Philadelphia -- with triple the population of DC -- collected $114 million in parking revenue.

In July 2002 city council members voted to exempt themselves from all parking restrictions.

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"They have been, over the last three decades, extremely important as an alternative revenue to local taxes," [Chris Hoene, a research manager with the National League of Cities] said.
Source: District doubles parking tickets (Washington Times, 2/7/2005)

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