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Korea: Police Arrest License Plate Cover Makers
A South Korean police sting arrests 150 on suspicion of using or manufacturing camera-defeating license plate covers.

South Korean license plateSeoul, South Korea Metropolitan Police Korean on Thursday arrested 150 individuals involved in the sale or use of reflective license plate covers. Police took into custody six involved in manufacturing and forty-two involved in distribution of 40,000 plate covers worth 1.6 billion won (US $1.7 million) as well as 102 motorists who had placed the covers on their vehicles.

The South Korean Intellectual Property Office had issued a patent for the plates which are primarily used to defeat speed cameras and red light cameras by reflecting light.

Following the raid, the Korea Insurance Development Institute announced that insurance companies would use photo tickets as a basis for raising rates on drivers.

Source: 42 Arrested Over Doctored License Plates (The Korea Times, 11/23/2006)

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