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Denver, Colorado: Long Voting Lines Meant Parking Tickets
Long waits at polling places in Denver, Colorado meant voters returned to find parking tickets on their car.

Mayor John W. HickenlooperVoters in Denver, Colorado yesterday faced long waits at polling places -- and eager meter maids were ready to pounce. With some voters standing in line for up to three hours, many citizens unexpectedly returned from exercising their rights to find a parking ticket on their car.

Federal regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act require special access for the disabled. This has had the effect of reducing the number of available polling locations. Problems were compounded when a computer system designed to prevent double-voting became overwhelmed by strong turnout.

Denver Mayor John W. Hickenlooper told KUSA-TV that he will try to overturn the tickets, promising to pay them out of his own pocket if necessary.

Source: Denver Mayor promises to pay for Election Day tickets (KUSA-TV (CO), 11/8/2006)

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