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New Chicago Parking Meters Make Motorcycles into Targets
Chicago, Illinois forgets about motorcyclists as it installs pay and display parking kiosks.

Pay and Display machineMotorcyclists in Chicago, Illinois should prepare to be ticketed by meter maids as newly installed "pay and display" parking meters leave them no means of proving they have legally paid for their space. The devices replace individual parking meters with a single, central payment kiosk that accepts payment. The device then issues a printed receipt that must be placed on the vehicle's windshield. For motorcycles, there is no secure place to attach that receipt.

"You could tape the receipt to your bike," ABATE state legislative coordinator Dan Harper told the Chicago Sun-Times. "But what happens if it's a windy day?"

City Department of Revenue officials suggest motorcyclists should just keep the receipt in their pocket so that they can contest the parking tickets they will receive.

Pay and display kiosks are designed to increase revenue by zeroing out the time left on a space if a driver ends up leaving early. This allows the city to charge for the same space twice. Parking profit in the first six months of the year topped $1.18 million, up 43 percent from 2004.

Source: Citys new parking meters worry motorcyclists (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/1/2006)

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