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Baltimore, Maryland Tows Legally Parked Cars
A city councilman in Baltimore, Maryland introduces an ordinance to allow cars to be legally parked for more than 48-hours without being towed.

Keiffer MitchellCars in Baltimore, Maryland can be towed even when legally parked. According to the city, a vehicle that is not moved at least once every 48 hours is considered "abandoned" and is subject to towing.

This happened to resident Milton Boyd who had legally parked his Volvo sedan outside his home before a July vacation. When he returned, his car was gone. Boyd thought it had been stolen, but it turned out that police impounded the car and demanded $352 in fines and fees for its return.

The vehicle, though considered abandoned, was in perfect condition, legally parked with a valid registration and license plate. Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley responded to an email about the situation by suggesting that those going on a vacation should find, "a neighbor or friend you can entrust the vehicle to."

City councilman Keiffer Mitchell introduced an ordinance to eliminate the 48-hour rule.

Source: Parking Rule Creates Confusion For Residents (WBAL-TV (MD), 10/27/2006)

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