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Houston Won't Consider Yellow Signal Timing
Houston police official rejects engineering fix to intersections in favor of red light cameras.

KHOU TV logoA local Houston television station confronted Assistant Police Chief Martha Montalvo with evidence that one of the city's most dangerous intersections had a short yellow. The reporter also explained how San Diego crashes dropped dramatically after the lengthening of the yellow at certain intersections.

The chief's response: "I truly believe this program is going to work, and I don't see the logic of lengthening the yellow light." By program, she's referring to the city's intention to install red light cameras.

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Drivers sit through a 55-second red light, get just a 12-second green, and then get trapped by a quick yellow. "Its set up to cause red-light running," [defense attorney Paul] Kubosh says.
Source: Up Close: Traffic lights, cameras for what action? (KHOU-TV, 2/4/2005)

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