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Steubenville, Ohio Voters to Decide Speed Camera Fate
Voters in Steubenville, Ohio will decide whether or not to keep speed cameras.

VotingOn November 7, Steubenville, Ohio will offer residents the opportunity to accept or reject photo enforcement in a referendum. A "Yes" vote on Measure Ten will allow speed cameras to continue ticketing motorists and a "No" vote will cause the devices to be removed. The measure reads as follows:

"The City of Steubenville proposes to amend Chapter 307 (Automated Traffic Enforcement System). The amendments include revised definitions with additional terms defined; revisions to the notice requirement of installation of the system at intersections; revisions to the response time for a person receiving a notice of liability and revisions to the administrative appeal process."

In March, a judge shut down Steubenville's automated ticketing program as illegal, but the city defied the order and passed another ordinance to keep the system operational. The city is bound by contract to continue the services of German camera operator Traffipax, regardless of the program's legality. Attorney Gary Stern fought back by gathering enough signatures to put the question to a vote of the people. The public has never voted in favor of photo enforcement. Between 1991 and 1997, voters turned out in Batavia, Illinois; Peoria, Arizona and Anchorage, Alaska to reject photo radar.

A copy of Steubenville's ten-page ordinance will be posted at all polling locations. The referendum notice is available in a 104k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: Notice of Election (Ohio Secretary of State, 10/27/2006)

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