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UK: Speed Camera Tickets Deaf, Blind Man
Humberside, UK speed camera issues ticket to a deaf, blind man who has no driving license.

Guide dog in a carHumberside, UK police wrote Martyn Styles, 42, to inform him that they had "photographic, videographic or radar evidence" that he had been speeding at 36 MPH in a 30 MPH zone in Hull. Styles says he was not behind the wheel of the Renault photographed by a speed camera. Styles is deaf, blind and does not have a driver's license.

"They say they've got evidence against me," Styles told the Mirror newspaper. "Well, let's see the picture of me with my white stick and my guide dog driving that car."

At the time of the alleged speeding incident, Styles was having lunch 180 miles away. He believes his number plate was cloned and does not wish to pay the £60 (US $110) fine for an offense he did not commit.

Source: SPEEDING TICKET.. FOR DEAF AND BLIND MAN (The Mirror (UK), 10/25/2006)

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