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Speed Camera Points More Important Than Life
A retired Australian police officer receives points against his license for speeding past a camera to save the life of his brother-in-law.

Emergency roomOne of the main complaints against automated traffic enforcement is that machines lack the discretion that would be shown by a human police officer in extreme circumstances. An Australian man found this out when he sped past a camera to bring his brother-in-law to the hospital in time to receive a life-saving liver transplant. Every minute counted. The driver was an ex-cop and experienced driver. The road was clear. Nonetheless, a court upheld points against his license despite the amazing circumstances, dismissing only the fine against him.

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She had just received notification from Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital that a healthy liver had become available for her seriously ill husband, but the patient needed to arrive for a transplant assessment within four to five

Panic-stricken she would not be able to drive to the hospital in time, she rang Mr Gould who told her to begin driving north and he would meet her at Berry to complete the dash to the hospital.
Source: Magistrate dumps fine after life-saving dash (Illawarra Mercury, 2/4/2005)

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