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Georgia City Court Makes Millions from Motorists
A new city has quickly learned how to make millions from motorists.

Sandy Springs, GAThe new Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Sandy Springs created a police department on July 1 and already ticket revenue has soared. In June, only 766 citations were issued, but the next month saw a 370 percent jump in the number of tickets to 2847. As a result, the municipal court has expanded operations generating $481,310 in revenue between July and September with expenses of $134,035. That is equivalent to $1.9 million in annual revenue and $1.4 million in profit after expenses.

Court officials told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the city was not a speed trap. The National Motorists Association disagrees with at least one Sandy Springs listing appearing in the national Speed Trap Exchange. Common tickets given for speeding on the highway can amount to as much as $385.

Source: Sandy Springs gets more of what it wanted: Policing (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/18/2006)

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