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UK: Thousands of Rail Crossing Photo Tickets Illegal
UK rail crossing cameras issued thousands of illegal tickets.

Rail crossingThousands of photo tickets were illegally issued at 306 railroad crossings across the UK. Lawmakers are now rushing to insert language into the upcoming Road Safety Bill that will retroactively deem those invalid tickets as valid.

According to the law, the Department for Transport must approve all rail crossings. At the locations in question, however, only the Health and Safety Executive inspected the sites. An inside source told the London Times that the government is afraid it could lose a significant amount of revenue if the fines issued at these sites were overturned.

"We will try to make it as difficult and as expensive as possible for anyone to challenge us in the courts -- even though these drivers might have been wrongly penalized due to a technicality," the unnamed source said.

The government also intends to conceal the location of the 306 rail intersections until the retroactive change takes effect.

Source: Loophole for drivers jumping red lights (London Times (UK), 10/8/2006)

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