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Texas: Public Protest Against State Trooper Ticket Quotas
Supporters rally around the Bowie County, Texas state troopers fired over ticket quota issues.

DPS logoMembers of the public and local officials rallied Wednesday to support state police officers fired in Texarkana, Texas for failing to meet ticket quotas. The Texarkana Gazette counted twenty-two protested in front of a state police office on Hampton Road with signs reading, "It's against the law, Stop DPS ticket quota system."

Earlier this month, nine of the thirteen state troopers stationed in Bowie County were suspended or fired for allegedly manipulating the dates on warning notices to meet the department's traffic quota.

"We don't have any quotas at DPS," the department's spokesman Tom Vinger told the Gazette. "However, management expects troopers to show evidence they have engaged in traffic enforcement, which includes writing citations."

Six Bowie County commissioners expressed support for the affected troopers as did the mayors of six cities in Bowie county.

"It is our firm opinion that these troopers were under undue stress to bring their number up," the mayors' letter stated. "The word 'quotas' was never used but I think they understand what is expected."

A chili dinner and rally will be held this evening in Hooks, Texas to show more support for the troopers.

Source: Supporters rally for troopers (Texarkana Gazette (TX), 9/29/2006)

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