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UK: A259 Speed Camera Goes Up in Flames
A West Sussex, UK speed camera is destroyed by a burning tire.

A259A burnt out shell is all that remains of a brand new speed camera located on the A259 eastbound Littlehampton Road at Ferring in West Sussex, England. The camera housing was just installed on Monday and by 1am Wednesday it had been destroyed by a burning tire.

Police suspect this is part of the "Summer of MADness" campaign announced by the vigilante group Motorists Against Detection (MAD). MAD's leader, known as Captain Gatso, said that he was instituting a zero-tolerance policy against speed cameras.

"We are now planning to target any and all cameras until the Government sees sense and rethinks its road safety policy," Captain Gatso said in a statement earlier this year.

Source: Torched (Worthing Herald (UK), 9/29/2006)

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