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Pennsylvania Gives Big Cash to Parking Ticket Collectors
A new Pennsylvania law means thousands of dollars for constables issuing warrants for parking tickets.

PA constableA law that went into effect September 1 means big money for constables in Pennsylvania when collecting on debts for unpaid parking tickets. Instead of being paid a newly raised flat fee of $27.40 for each visit to the home of those accused of not paying a citation, constables can now make the same visit but charge $27.40 for each individual unpaid parking ticket. In a case cited by the Patriot-Ledger newspaper, that adds up to $1096 that will eventually be charged to a woman that Lebanon County accused of failure to pay forty tickets.

Constables are elected public officials who are paid by the county to serve warrants. County officials will pass on the extra amount collected under the new rules to the ticket recipient, even if that amount is greater than the amount claimed for the original violations.

Source: Cost of constables gets a bit pricey (Pittsburgh Patriot-News (PA), 9/18/2006)

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