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VA Police Confirm You Can Ignore Red Light Camera Tickets
Virginia police officials confirm that red light camera tickets received in the mail are not valid.

Virginia State Police carVirginia police officials confirm the finding in the Virginia DOT funded study which explained how mailed red light camera tickets are not valid. Under Virginia law, only a citation that is "personally served" by a live human being is valid.

A Falls Church police captain explained that if an individual ignores a ticket, the city will mail three additional notices. If the motorist still does not respond, an officer would be dispatched to deliver the ticket in person. As the Virginia report explained, if residents were aware of this and ignored the tickets, cities would be unable to afford the cost of the personal service and extra mailings.

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In Falls Church, Capt. Daniel Ellis said the police department mails four notices before dispatching an officer to track down motorists who do not pay tickets they receive in the mail.
Capt. Ellis also said department officials have no opinion on whether the law should be altered.
Source: Loophole threatens Virginia red-light program (Washington Times, 2/2/2005)

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