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Auburn, Washington Residents Challenge Red Light Tickets
One in ten motorists is fighting back against the red light camera system in Auburn, Washington.

Auburn, Washington logoInstead of just paying the red light camera fine that appeared in the mailbox over the past several weeks, one in ten recipients in Auburn, Washington have chosen to exercise their rights in court. So far, some 213 challenges have been made on 2000 tickets issued between July 1 and August 31. Auburn Municipal Court will hear the first set of cases next week.

Auburn police consider this number of challenges to be a sign of success since more than one-half contested the traffic tickets they received in 2003. The city also denies the primary purpose of the program has been the $202,000 in revenue raised in just two months. Australian camera vendor Redflex pocketed $38,400 from that amount as a fee for operating every aspect of the program on Auburn's behalf.

Source: Auburn motorists contesting red light tickets (King County Journal (WA) , 9/12/2006)

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