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UK: Speed Cameras Damaged, Destroyed
Speed cameras in Lancashire and Dorset, UK are burned and knocked over.

Bournemouth cameraA pair of speed cameras were damaged and destroyed last week in Lancashire and Dorset, UK. Flames engulfed a ticket camera by midnight Thursday on Castle Lane East in Bournemouth. A burning tire was used to prevent the camera from issuing citations to motorists traveling faster than 30 MPH.

In Preston, a speed camera left ripped out of the ground, inoperable, on the side of Watling Street Road in Eastway. The camera had been used to ticket motorists driving above 40 MPH. It is the second such attack in the Lancashire area, but police strangely declared the pulling down of a camera in Colne as an accident last week. Motorists Against Detection (MAD) issued a statement taking credit for the vigilante action and suggesting the police were engaging in "spin."

Source: Speed camera torched by arsonist (BBC News (UK), 9/10/2006)

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