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Washington: Small City Renames Speed Traps
Sequim, Washington renames its speed traps as voluntary donation centers.

Warning signSpeed traps in the small Washington state city of Sequim have been given a new name. Police Chief Bob Spinks wants them to be known as "Donation Spots" because bright new orange signs will provide sufficient warning to motorists that police will be checking their speed.

"If people are willing to speed past these signs to where I'm checking their rate with radar, then they should be ready for a ticket, even though we're still mostly giving warnings for now," Sergeant Ken Almberg told the Sequim Gazette.

No other police force in the state advertises its radar activities as well as Sequim. The force believes being up-front about their activities will be more effective than the common practice of hiding to ensnare passing motorists.

Source: No more speed traps (Sequim Gazette (WA), 9/7/2006)

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