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Florida: Roadblocks Set Up in Residential Neighborhoods
Orange City, Florida sets up DUI roadblocks in the middle of neighborhoods. Program issues tickets unrelated to drunk driving.

Florida DUI checkpointsBusy motorists in Orange City, Florida are now being stopped and interrogated at police roadblocks in front of their own homes. Billed as anti-drunk driving stops, these "low-manpower" checkpoints are set up on side streets and in the heart of residential neighborhoods instead of on busy thoroughfares. So far, the two-week-old program has primarily issued tickets for minor equipment infractions and expired paperwork because almost nobody has been found driving under the influence (DUI). Police say the purpose is to send a message.

"We hope they start wondering where we might be," Commander Peter Thomas told the Daytona Beach News.

Four officers man each barricade, blocking traffic for two hours at a time. Orange City has only made 24 DUI arrests over the past year through both roadblocks and conventional police patrols on main roadways. Nonetheless, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has endorsed the neighborhood roadblocks tactic and is encouraging other departments to follow Orange City's lead.

Source: Orange City sets up DUI checks on residential streets (Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL), 8/30/2006)

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