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Australia: Double the Cameras for Double the Safety
The City of Gosford, Australia threatens to install its own speed cameras to block state-run cameras.

Heavy fines, loss of licenseAnnoyed that the Regional Transit Authority refuses to share revenue from speed cameras, the city of Gosford in Australia is threatening to physically block state-operated cameras by erecting their own units. The proposal was offered after the Gosford city council was advised it had no legal claim to the camera revenue that the state transit authority collects. Gosford Councillor Craig Doyle is quoted as saying, "I am determined to do something about this... this is the only option we have left."

If enacted, the proposal would install six new speed cameras directly in front of existing cameras. Two of those cameras generated $1 million last year.

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"Motorists would not be double-dipped because the RTA speed camera would be taking a picture of the back of the Gosford City Council speed camera," [Councillor Craig] Doyle said.
Source: Hijack speed cameras - Council plan to pay for roads upgrade (Sydney Daily Telegraph (Australia), 2/1/2005)

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