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UK: Speed Camera Burned
A Cambridgeshire, UK speed camera that increased accidents was destroyed by a burning tire.

A Cambridgeshire, UK speed camera located on the A14 where it intersects the A11 was destroyed by a burning tire on Friday. Local emergency service personnel believed the camera forced motorists suddenly to slam on their brakes in the high-speed 70 MPH zone in order to avoid a ticket. This led to an increase in the number of collisions at the site. The anti-speed camera activist group known as Motorists Against Detection (MAD) has claimed responsibility.

"It is a prime example of a camera that is not positioned to contribute anything to safety, but is there purely as a money-making scheme," MAD chief Captain Gatso told the East Anglian Daily Times. "As soon as it is restored, we will take it out again, so that maybe someone gets the message."

Source: Controversial A14 speed camera is set on fire (Cambridge Evening News (UK), 8/5/2006)

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