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UK: Trapped Truck Gets Parking Ticket
A truck driver near London, UK receives a parking ticket after his vehicle becomes stuck in a sinkhole.

Parking ticketA driver in Lancaster Grove in north London, UK received a parking ticket Friday morning after his truck became trapped in a collapsed roadway. A water main burst the night before had caused pavement to buckle, trapping the commercial truck up to its front axle. Moments later, a meter maid appeared to issue a parking ticket.

The driver, in shock, tried to argue with the meter maid not to give him a ticket under the circumstances. The meter maid insisted that if he disagreed that he could appeal the decision. The ridicule from a growing crowd did not alter her decision.

"It's crazy," eyewitness Sue Melkman told Life Style Extra. "There was water everywhere, it was obvious what had happened, but she still wrote the ticket."

Source: Lorry given ticket after road collapses (Life Style Extra (UK), 7/25/2006)

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