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Australia: Jail Time for Speed Camera Ticket
West Australian judge allows pedophiles to walk, but gives jail time to friends who lied about a speed camera ticket.

Broome, West AustraliaA speed camera ticket will send a pair of West Australian friends to jail for one year and three months for an offense Broome District Court Judge Bill Groves believed "so serious that it strikes at the heart of the administration of justice." A speed camera trap had photographed the vehicle of Raymond Douglas Ranford, 37, allegedly speeding in City Beach. Ranford feared the loss of his driving license which would have destroyed his concrete business. So he called and asked his good friend Daniel Alex Bassan, 31, if he would accept responsibility for the ticket.

Police using "secret measures" were listening in on that telephone conversation, however, and the two were charged with the crime of perverting the course of justice. Judge Groves imposed the harsh prison sentence for the speeding ticket, but in other cases he had refused in three out of four cases to impose jail time on convicted pedophiles.

Source: Mates sent to prison for speed camera lie (The West Australian (Australia), 7/24/2006)

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