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Australia: Speed Camera Chief Caught on Camera
Government officials in Victoria, Australia received A$17,800 in camera tickets and parking fines.

Police Minister Tim HoldingVictoria, Australia's top speed camera official, Police Minister Tim Holding, was himself cited in a speed trap doing 67km/h (41 MPH) in a 60km/h zone (37 MPH) in February. His employees collected the A$134 fine from him and assessed one demerit point against his driving license. Holding has more than one prior speeding ticket on his record.

"I am happy to cop it sweet when I've done the wrong thing," Holding told the Herald Sun newspaper. "Forcing motorists to drive at the posted speed limit is the surest way of reducing the road toll."

Other members of parliament and top government officials in Victoria generated 85 traffic tickets -- mostly from speed cameras -- between July 1, 2004 and December 31, 2005. The total amount of traffic fines generated was A$12,000 plus $1500 in toll road fines and $4351 in parking tickets.

Source: Our speeding MPs caught (Herald Sun (Australia), 7/15/2006)

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