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Ireland to Expand Speed Camera Contractor Powers
Ireland to expand cameras to offenses like expired registration and unpaid car tax.

Ireland mobile speed camPrivate companies that operate speed cameras in Ireland would receive new authority under a new proposal by the Minister for Justice. The new system would check passing motorists to see if the car has been inspected and the car tax paid, in addition to the usual red light and speed enforcement. If computerized records show expired registration, tax or inspection information, the private contractor hiding in the bushes will mail a ticket directly to the registered owner. The owner would have the burden of proving his innocence in court.

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"As part of this process, a document would emerge in which a person would say that on a given day, our records show that a car was driven at 80kph in a 60-kilometre zone, the make of the car was X, the registration was Y, we observed that on the given day, this is true to the best of my knowledge and belief - and that would get a conviction, unless somebody came to court and successfully defended the allegations."
Source: Private firm set to run speed traps (Sunday Business Post (Ireland), 1/30/2005)

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