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UK: Six Police Pull Over Grandmother Doing 4 MPH Over Limit
In Gloucestershire, UK six police officers pulled over a retired grandmother Sylvia Woods for driving 34mph in a 30mph zone.

Bea ArthurIn Gloucestershire, UK two police cars filled with six officers pulled over retired grandmother Sylvia Woods. Her crime was driving 34mph in a 30mph zone in her Ford Fiesta -- on a downhill stretch of road. The police defended their actions by saying "Even 1mph over the speed limit is breaking the law."

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Sylvia Woods: "I don't normally go whizzing around. You'd think I had a powerful sports car when in fact it's a Ford Fiesta.
Source: POLICE PULL OVER GRAN FOR DRIVING 4MPH OVER SPEED LIMIT (Gloucestershire Echo, 1/27/2005)

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