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Australia: More Innocent Motorists Victimized by Speed Camera
A speed camera issued tickets to 72 motorists who were driving under the speed limit in Victoria, Australia.

Tim HoldingA mobile speed camera in Victoria, Australia issued thousands of dollars worth of tickets over a 90-minute period to motorists driving over 60km/h (37 MPH) on Plenty Road in the Melbourne suburb of Bundoora on April 18 -- except the speed limit on that road is 80km/h.

"(Motorists) will obviously have their fines refunded and their demerit points redeemed," Police Minister Tim Holding told The Age newspaper this morning.

Last week the state government fined camera contractor Tenix Solutions A$100,000 for the mistake. Only last month the state government admitted speed cameras had issued 1130 bogus tickets and promised changes would be made. Tenix was fined a "six-figure" amount on that occasion. Tenix has a contract worth A$460,000,000 to provide automated ticketing services.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia police are protesting a proposed contract that offers an insufficient pay increase. Instead of a typical strike, officers are, for example, no longer hiding at mobile speed camera locations. Their visible presence at speed trap sites is intended to reduce the amount of revenue collected as a means of pressuring the state government to consider their demands.

Source: New speed camera blunder (The Age (Australia), 7/11/2006)

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