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New York: Buffalo to Outlaw Aftermarket Car Stereos
Buffalo, New York could make it illegal to enter the city with an aftermarket car stereo.

 David FranczykThe Buffalo, New York Common Council moved a step closer to adopting an ordinance that would ban aftermarket car stereos. Council President David A. Franczyk introduced a measure yesterday to have the city attorney rule on the legality of an ordinance that would make it a crime to enter the city with a stereo capable of playing loud music.

"These boom wagons, bunker busting, noise blasting, obnoxious, in your face cars are worse than ever," Franczyk told WKBW-TV. Franczyk does not care that such a bill would put local stereo installers out of work.

"They're encouraging lawlessness," he told the Buffalo News. "It's noise-making for their profit,"

The Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association, which represents installers, said it would fight the ordinance. Rick A. Mathies, the group's executive director, said such a measure would be vague and discourage visitors. "What are you going to do?" Mathies asked. "Post large signs at all entrances to the city saying, 'Don't come here if you have a certain kind of stereo in your car?'"

Source: Group threatens fight against car stereo ban (Buffalo News, 6/28/2006)

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