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UK: Written Parking Appeals Are Not Read
With no legal requirement to read parking appeals, Liverpool, UK ignores dozens of them.

UK parking ticketThe Liverpool, UK City Council admits that dozens of written parking ticket appeals simply are not read. The system, which generates £3,240,000 (US $5.9 million) in revenue, is challenged about 1100 times a year.

Birkenhead resident Natalie Rawcliffe issued one of these challenges after a £30 (US $55) fine for parking on Parr Street was slapped on her vehicle in March. Rawcliffe felt the ticket was unjust because the road had no parking restriction signs. Although she mailed a written challenge, she never received an answer. Instead, the city council sent a demand for £60 (US $110).

"I rang Liverpool Direct to ask about the appeal and the man there told me that they don't read all the appeals because the law says they don't have to," Rawcliffe told the Liverpool Echo newspaper. "I was absolutely livid. It is not the council's place to disregard the concerns of visitors and demand payments for fines which are not deserved."

"There is no legal requirement to respond to appeal letters," a city council spokesman told the Echo. "Inevitably, there will be a small number unanswered but this is less than 1 percent."

Source: Council ignored my ticket appeal letter (Liverpool Echo (UK), 6/27/2006)

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