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UK: Woman Ticketed While Saving Diabetic Daughter
A London, UK borough council refuses to overturn a parking ticket issued to a woman saving her daughter from hypoglycemic attack.

PharmacyKim Horrod was slapped with a £40 (US $74) fine for stopping in front of a London, UK pharmacy to save her sixteen-year-old daughter Nicole. Horrod had run into the store to buy glucose tablets. As she rushed back, she found a meter maid had slapped a ticket on the car while her diabetic daughter was inside, suffering a hypoglycemic attack.

"We were probably there for five minutes," Horrod told the East London Guardian newspaper. "When she gets a hypo, her blood sugar is so low you cannot get her out of the car, and she cannot even co-ordinate putting the dextrose in her mouth herself."

The Waltham Forest Council refused Horrod's appeal of the fine, saying Horrod she had not proved her innocence.

"It is not like I was causing a danger because there are parking bays on the other side of the road," Horrod said. "But I could not park up and leave my daughter in the car when she was like that. I just needed to stop and get her glucose."

Source: No Letoff For A Mother In Diabetic Parking Ticket Row (East London Guardian (UK), 6/16/2006)

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