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Arizona: Police Arrest Man for Driving Impossible Speed
Scottsdale, Arizona arrests a man after speed camera alleges a rental Hyundai traveled 11 MPH faster than it could travel.

Pargo in Hyundai SonataScottsdale, Arizona police have arrested Lawrence Pargo, 26, for speeding based solely on the evidence of its photo radar machines that registered his vehicle traveling at an impossibly high speed of 147 MPH. Scottsdale police maintain that Pargo's rented silver Sonata drove between 102 and 147 MPH past four speed cameras on May 21 at around six in the morning. Pargo's Hyundai, according to the manufacturer, has a drag-limited top speed of 137 MPH.

"This is a rental vehicle so it is doubtful that it could attain even this maximum speed," said Eric Skrum, spokesman for the National Motorists Association. "At a bare minimum, this is a ten-mph discrepancy and obviously an invalid ticket. I would suggest that rather than investigate this individual, the police should be checking their own equipment. This needs to be a top priority as there is no telling how many other drivers have received unjustified tickets."

Automotive reviewer Robert Farago wrote of the car, "only an Impala driver would mistake the Sonata LX for a high-performance sedan."

Police hope to collect at least $800 in tickets from Pargo. Scottsdale has jailed a number of motorists accused solely by the camera. One motorist was arrested after flipping off the camera at an alleged 82 MPH.

Source: Man arrested in 147 mph Loop 101 violation (East Valley Tribune (AZ), 6/2/2006)

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