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UK: Blackpool Speed Cameras Spray Painted
Speed cameras in Blackpool, UK are marked with spray paint.

Motorists have shown displeasure with speed cameras in Blackpool, UK by covering them with spray paint. A set of three Preston New Road cameras have black crosses painted on their back. Another set of cameras have had £ signs added to signify their revenue-raising purpose. Lancashire Road Safety Partnership officials have repaired any obscured camera lenses to ensure the vandalized devices continue to issue tickets. The speed camera partnership is also considering adding closed-circuit TV cameras to monitor the speed cameras.

"We haven't seen this black cross signal before, but now we are aware of it we will be watching out for it across the county," speed camera partnership communications manager Linda Sanderson told the Blackpool Gazette.

Source: Camera vandals will be in our sights (Blackpool Gazette (UK), 5/10/2006)

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