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Maryland: County Gives Parking Ticket to Dead Man
Montgomery County, Maryland sends collection agency to collect $120 for a parking violation committed by a man dead for the past five years.

Maryland ticketsMontgomery County, Maryland accused George McAllister of illegally parking a Mercedes in Bethesda on January 17, 2006. A collection agency worked on behalf of the county for two and a half months to force the former Funkstown resident to pay up. McAllister died in November 2001 and had turned in the license plate number listed on the ticket eighteen years ago. When he did drive, it was in a Ford pickup, not a Mercedes.

Widow Vera McAllister diligently sent the parking authority copies of the death certificate and proof the license plate had been canceled, but the collection agency wouldn't go away. LDC Collection Systems sent two letters on official county Parking Citation Services letterhead first asking for $60, and then a third demanding $85, switching to collection agency letterhead to suggest the case had been escalated.

Vera McAllister told the Herald-Mail newspaper what she would do if the collection agency showed up at her door. "I'll tell them to go to Rose Hill Cemetery and collect it. I'm tired. I'm tired of 'em."

After being contacted by the media, county officials say they will drop charges against Mr. McAllister.

Source: Ticket off (Herald-Mail (MD), 5/6/2006)

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