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Speed Cameras Bring Down Australian Police Minister
Victorian Police and Emergency Services Minister Andre Haermeyer was fired over Australia's faulty speed camera fiasco and police corruption issues.

Former Police Minister Andre HaermeyerPolice often succumb to the allure of speed cameras. They're an "easy fix" -- just set up a box and you can say you're cracking down on crime while collecting millions in revenue. No work needed. Unfortunately for Victoria, Australia Police and Emergency Services Minister Andre Haermeyer the speed cameras were proven faulty. Because of that and other police corruption issues, he was unceremoniously dismissed from office after ten years of service.

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Mr Haermeyer has been the target of attacks from the state opposition after a $70 million blowout in a new emergency services communications system, allegations of widespread police corruption and a faulty speed camera fiasco which cost taxpayers about $40 million in lost revenue and refunds.
Source: Reshuffle losers with brave faces - National - (Australian Associated Press, 1/25/2005)

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