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Australia: City Drops Parking Ticket Issued to Dead Man
Parking ticket charges were dropped against a man who died before he could feed a parking meter in Melbourne, Australia.

Meter maidOfficials in Melbourne, Australia have decided to drop charges against Vlados Krizmanic, 64, who parked his car in Port Phillip but died before he could put more change in the parking meter. A meter maid promptly issued an A$50 parking ticket not only to Krizmanic's vehicle, but to two vehicles belonging to family members that had hurried to pay their last respects to the man who unexpectedly suffered heart failure.

Spomenka Krizmanic wrote the city asking for a dismissal of her father's ticket. On April 7, the city responded by demanding paperwork and saying that, "The matters raised in your letter have been examined and on this occasion the ticket will not be withdrawn."

The man's daughter was angered and told the Herald Sun newspaper, "When people die, paperwork does not miraculously appear. We don't even have his death certificate yet."

The daughter then told her story on ABC Radio in Australia. Immediately, the city council apologized and ordered the private contractor Tenix to cancel the fine.

Source: Dead man's ticket withdrawn (Herald Sun, 4/13/2006)

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