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UAE: Cameras to Issue Tickets for Shoulder Driving
Massive camera expansion in the United Arab Emirates includes new shoulder driving ticket cameras in Dubai.

UAE speed cameraDubai planning a massive expansion of its photo radar system which last year issued 755,634 speeding tickets -- nearly one for every driver in the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. Eight new devices will issue tickets to vehicles photographed not while speeding but while driving on a road shoulder. A pair of the new cameras will each hidden along Shaikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Shaikh Khalifa Road and Al Ittihad Road.

The Emirate also plans to increase the number of speed cameras by 56 percent, from 167 to 262 and triple the minimum fine from 200 Dirhams to 600 Dirhams (US $163). These changes should generate US $18 million in annual revenue. A final proposal would place cameras more closely together, which Captain Abdullah Huwaidi, Director of Radar Section at Dubai Police's Traffic Department, says would increase safety.

"The goal of this is to reduce speeding and the accidents caused by it, as there are motorists who drive at 180km/hr and when they notice the radar, they reduce their speed to 120km/hr, which can lead to a real disaster on the road," Huwaidi told the Gulf News.


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