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Australia: Motorists Do Stunts for Speed Cameras
Far from slowing Western Australia motorcyclists, speed cameras have encouraged them to perform stunts.

Wheelie motorcyclistSpeed cameras in Western Australia have not slowed all passing vehicles. Photographs show that the devices have actually encouraged some to perform stunts strictly for the benefit of the camera. The pictured motorcyclist, for example, performs a wheelie with a female passenger on board at 174km/h (108 MPH) in a 70 (43 MPH) zone for a Sorrento photo radar unit.

Another wheelie driver drove past a camera at 93km/h (58 MPH) in Kardinya. One gave the finger to a Leeming camera at 120km/h (75 MPH) while another did the same in Alexander Heights at 144km/h (89 MPH). Police say such incidents are frequent.

Police Inspector Neil Royle told the Perth Sunday Times that he had nothing but disgust for the "hoons" with "the IQ of a house plant." Premier Alan Carpenter wants legislation to seize vehicles of anyone caught speeding excessively. On June 1 a new law takes effect that presumes the registered owner of a car is guilty of any offense alleged by a camera, a change police say will reduce the number of motorcycle performances.

Source: Motorbike morons: Number's up for hoons like these (Perth Sunday Times (Australia), 3/26/2006)

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