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Australia: Speed Cameras Ticket Man Twice in Two Minutes
Within 120 seconds, a man receives a pair of tickets from speed cameras more than three-and-a-half miles apart.

Healesville SanctuaryA motorist in Victoria, Australia received a pair of tickets from two speed cameras in just two minutes. At 4:41pm on February 28, the man received a ticket for driving 71km/h (44 MPH) outside Healesville Sanctuary. At 4:43pm, he received a ticket for driving 68km/h (42 MPH) in a 60km/h zone (37 MPH) by a camera 5.7km (3.54 miles) distant on Maroondah Highway.

For the cameras to have been accurate, he would have had to be driving past the second camera at 106 miles per hour, not 42 MPH. Police are investigating the matter while speed camera vendor Tenix told the Herald Sun that the cameras were working.

Source: Caught speeding twice in two minutes (Herald Sun (Australia), 3/22/2006)

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