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UK About to Enact Radar Detector Ban
The UK Road Safety Bill contains a provision that would ban radar and laser detectors.

Radar detectorThe rise in speed camera and mobile radar gun enforcement in the UK has driven sales of radar and laser detectors. Now the government is seeking to stem the revenue loss by banning these devices claiming they cause "interference" with roadside detection devices. GPS-based camera finders are not banned. A maker of GPS devices says this could mean over 500,000 drivers would have to shift to this technology.

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"An awful lot of high-mileage drivers have bought these things in the past few months, or been given them as Christmas presents, because they do not want to risk losing their licence, and possibly their livelihood, over minor speeding infringements. If a ban is implemented, it will raise the question of compensation." [Edmund King, RAC executive director]
Source: Ban proposed on speed camera detectors (London Telegraph (UK), 1/17/2005)

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