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Motorcyclists Protest In France, Australian Photo Radar Van Smashed
French motorists disable every freeway speed camera in Toulouse, France. Australian photo radar van attacked.

French motorcyclists protest
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Over a thousand motorcyclists gathered Saturday in a mass protest against a new inspection mandate imposed by the French government. The event's organizer, the Federation Francaise des Motards en Colere (FFMC or French Federation of Angry Bikers), explained that the Council of State made a political decision under the influence of "pseudo-ecological, anti-motorcycle groups" and that the requirement for a regular 70 euro (USD $73) inspection serves no purpose given the low rate of equipment-related failure for motorcycles. Participants circled the highway in Toulouse at a speed so low that traffic backed up for miles. Protesters also taped garbage bags over nearly every speed camera on the ring road, ensuring the devices would not be able to issue automated citations.

Police in New South Wales, Australia, on Friday admitted a man attacked a mobile speed camera car on Friday, October 21, as the device was issuing automated tickets on Nana Street in Nana Glen. The privately operated photo radar van had its passenger side mirror smashed and its antenna ripped off.

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