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France, Germany: Tires And Spraypaint Take Down Speed Cameras
Five speed cameras were disabled in France and Germany last week using tires and spraypaint.

Tired speed camera
Vigilantes in Puylagarde, France, came up with a novel way to disable the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD926 last week. Instead of burning or spraypainting it, they stacked over a dozen used tractor tires over the device, completely blinding it and leaving officials ill-equipped to free the camera, even though it technically has not been damaged. In Menoncourt, pink spraypaint was used to block the lens of the speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on the RD83 -- the fourth such attack on the device in the past several months.

In Satteldorf, Germany, police reported on Monday, November 14, that spraypaint disabled a mobile speed camera trailer. On the same day, the speed camera on Delsterner Strasse in Hagen was rammed by an unidentified vehicle, with the device now leaning away from the road. On Saturday, November 12, spraypaint was used on the speed camera on Heimerdingener Strasse in Rutesheim.

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