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Inaccurate Speed Camera Reading Triggers Vigilante Action
Spanish government refunded inaccurate speed camera tickets last week while cameras were disabled in France and Germany.

Spraypainted German speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Spain's transportation department, the Direccion General de Trafico (DGT), last week canceled fines issued by the speed camera located on the N-332 in Campoamor. The device, which generated a high volume of automated citations, came under scrutiny after taxi driver Sanchez Flores challenged five citations he received for traveling 80km/h (50 MPH) in a 100km/h (62 MPH) zone. Rather than admit error on the part of the camera, DGT agreed to withdraw pending fines. The device has now been taken away because, according to Diario Informacion, its lenses have been smashed on an "almost daily" basis.

Similar fates awaited photo radar units on the continent last week. Vigilantes in Ars-en-Re, France, on Wednesday used an angle grinder to topple the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD735. The device had just been installed 24 hours earlier. In Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, vigilantes disabled a mobile speed camera trailer that had been issuing automated tickets on Moerser Strasse on Saturday, November 5. According to local police, white and black spraypaint was applied to the lenses of the device.

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