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Rise In Attacks On Photo Radar In New Mexico, France, Germany
Speed cameras are increasingly being disabled in New Mexico, Canada, France and Germany.

Speed camera in a ditch
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Resistance to the use of photo enforcement is on the rise in North America. Most recently, vigilantes in Albuquerque, New Mexico, damaged the speed camera on Montgomery Boulevard, forcing Swedish speed camera vendor NovoaGlobal to remove the device for repair, according to the Albuquerque Journal. The city is also is installing additional cameras to watch the speed cameras because of the frequent attacks. Mississauga, Canada's cameras, which are owned and operated by Redflex (now Verra Mobility), have been disabled 37 times this year.

In Visselhovede, Germany, vigilantes on Tuesday prevented the speed camera on the B440 from issuing tickets by cutting down the 70 km/h (43 MPH) speed limit sign with an angle grinder. Citations are not legally valid without the sign in place. Around the same time, the red light camera at the intersection of Fuchtenfeld and Landesstrasse 574 in Gronau was knocked out of commission, according to local police.

In Lagnieu, France, vigilantes on Friday torched the speed camera on the RD1075. Near Fougeres a day earlier, opponents of automated ticketing had pushed the speed camera on the RD155 into a ditch on the side of the road. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RD1044 in Travecy was blinded with black spraypaint. In Charbogne, white spraypaint blocked the lens of the speed camera on the RD987 on Wednesday, September 28.

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