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Speed Camera Blocking On The Rise Worldwide
Speed camera blocking on the rise in Wales and Australia, while cameras were rammed and blinded in France and Germany last week.

Blocking a speed camera van inWales
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Opponents of automated ticketing in Australia and the UK are taking to the streets to protect fellow motorists from being trapped by mobile speed camera vans. The TikTok user speedingticketsuk last week posted a video of a man who parked his own van in front of a GanBwyll Gosafe speed camera van in Wales. The man stood smiling as he deprived the photo radar device of the clear view of the road it needed to operate (view video). The video also shows motorists driving past honking their horns in support.

In New South Wales, 17-year-old activist Beau Jackson has recruited individuals to assist him in traveling to speed camera sites with warning signs that deprive the photo radar vans of their ability to trap motorists. Local companies have also begun supporting Jackson's efforts, with one firm supplying thirty professionally made warning signs.

In Schwetzingen, Germany, vigilantes used black spraypaint against the speed camera on Karlsruher Strasse on Tuesday, according to local police. In Kevelaer, the red light camera located at the intersection of Winnekendonker Strasse and Schloss Wissener Strasse was smashed on Monday, September 26.

In Poissy, France, on Wednesday, black spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the RD190. In Montpellier, the speed camera on the Avenue de l'Europe was destroyed after being rammed by a car on Monday, September 26. Around the same time, the speed camera on the RD785 in Plouneour-Menez that had just returned to service after a previous attack was blinded with blue spraypaint. Also toward the beginning of the week, the speed camera near Vernoux-en-Gatine was blinded with spraypaint. This is just one of the automated ticketing machines in the area that are disabled on a monthly or weekly basis.

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