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Speed Cameras Smashed, Slashed, Scorched In Australia, France, Germany, UK
European vigilantes took out a handful of speed cameras last week, while an Australian camera contributed to accidents.

German speed camera burns
Police in Wilmslow, England, expressed annoyance Saturday after an unknown vigilante slashed the tire of a Peugeot police car used to create a speed camera trap.

"If you have concerns about the use of a speed camera, talk to us about it," Wilmslow Officer Evan Morris wrote on Twitter. "Slashing the tire of a police car only stretches a busy service and leaves taxpayers with an unnecessary bill."

An Australian red light camera failed to prevent an accident on Tuesday. The incident began when one Toyota SUV slammed into another Toyota SUV, directly under the watch of the automated ticketing machine on the Lincoln Causeway in Wodonga. The force involved flipped one of the SUVs on its roof and sent a teenage boy to the hospital with minor injuries.

Also on Tuesday, vigilantes in Huckeswagen, Germany, set fire to the box that powers the speed camera on the B237. About three hours later, a second camera in Lauterecken went up in flames, according to police. The large, trailer-mounted camera had been issuing tickets on Saarbrucker Strasse.

Vigilantes in Creances, France, blinded the speed camera on the RD650 with red spraypaint mere days after its installation. Black paint was used to disable the newly installed speed camera on the A31 in Longeville-les-Metz on Monday, July 25.

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