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Photo Radar Triggering Accidents, Opposition Worldwide
Speed cameras were destroyed by accidents they failed to prevent in the UK as well as vigilante action worldwide last week.

Italian speed camera knocked down
In Aberdeen, Scotland, a traffic camera van was involved in a serious injury accident on the A90 on Sunday. Three individuals were hospitalized as a result. In Nottingham, England, on Thursday, the speed camera on the A6514 Middleton Boulevard was destroyed after it failed to prevent an accident. A car slammed into the automated ticketing device causing a massive traffic jam until the incident was cleared.

In Victoria, Australia, a man taunted the driver of a speed camera van on July 5 while wearing a mask from the horror movie Scream. The man banged on the window of the photo radar van as it sat on the side of Oxford Road in Melton South. The masked man screamed, "Get a job" at the van driver.

On Saturday, vigilantes in Weilburg, Germany, disabled the speed camera on Limburger Strasse by spraypainting its lenses. Also on Saturday, vigilantes in Chappes, France, used tires to torch the speed camera on the RD210.

In Luserna, Italy, the speed camera on the SP156 was knocked over on Tuesday. In Brussels, Belgium, vigilantes disabled the newly installed speed camera in Sint-Joost-ten-Node on Friday by spraying its lenses with polyurethane foam.

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