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Drivers In Australia, Spain Display Their Dislike For Speed Cameras
A driver in Australia rammed a speed camera while a Spanish driver flipped one off last week.

Spanish speed camera photo
In Pamplona, Spain officials punished a man who showed disrespect toward a speed camera Tuesday by flipping off the automated ticketing machine located on Baja Navarra Avenue. The man was fined 960 euros (US $1012) and an eight-month license suspension imposed after the device accused him of traveling 125km/h (77 MPH) in a 50km/h (31 MPH) zone.

In Victoria, Australia, an unknown vigilante rammed a speed camera car on Monday, June 13. According to Victoria Police, the Toyota Kluger photo radar van was issuing automated tickets on Craigieburn Road East when a Nissan Navara pickup truck slammed into it around 1:40am. No injuries were reported.

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