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Speed Cameras Scrambled In France, Italy
A handful of speed cameras in France and Italy were attacked last week.

Burned speed camera in France
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
In Brugherio, Italy, vigilantes opposed the extreme lockdown measures imposed during the Covid-19 scare by spraypainting a double-V symbol on the speed camera on the Via dei Mille. The housing is currently empty and not issuing tickets. In Carcare, local police operating a speed camera trap on the Via Nazionale Piemonte were enraged seeing a man behind the wheel of a black Mercedes flipping them off. The officers did not pursue, but they intend to mail a ticket to the vehicle owner claiming the Mercedes "swerved." The speed camera on the SP72 in Mandello del Lario was knocked over but officials insist it will be replaced.

In Perreux, France, on Saturday, vigilantes blinded the speed camera on the RD504 with black spraypaint. They also added a swastika to the side of the device, symbolizing its use for oppression of motorists. Around the same time, vigilantes torched the speed camera on the RD210 near Ennezat using tires and oil to fuel the blaze. In Rouffach, the speed camera on the RD83 was set on fire with burning tires on Saturday, April 16. On the prior day, the speed camera in Bains-sur-Oust was decommissioned by officials following a string of attacks on the device.

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