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Belgium, France, Italy, UK: Disrespect Shown To Speed Cameras
Vigilantes across Europe cut down, spraypainted, shot and rammed a half-dozen speed cameras last week.

Antitax speed camera attack
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

French vigilantes on Saturday applied blue spraypaint over the lens of the speed camera on the RD58 in Taule. They also sprayed a message on the front of the device expressing opposition to Vladimir Putin. On Wednesday, the speed camera at the intersection of the RD1083 and RD83 in Belfort was covered with orange spraypaint and a "stop the tax" message.

Vigilantes in Valtopina, Italy, on Tuesday cut down the speed camera that had been issuing automated citations on the Via Flaminia. In West Berkshire, England, the parish council for the village of Beedon is reconsidering its use of automated ticketing machines in light of an attack last month by vigilantes who peppered the speed camera on Oxford Road with pellets from an airsoft gun. In Dendermonde, Belgium, a woman rammed a speed camera and then drove away.

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